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                English簡體中文Customer Service : 0086 773 5870889

                High speed water cooling induction aluminum foil sealing machine SR-6000B

                Machine working video :

                Adopt the latest transistor and advanced CPU modular design

                Can be against moisture,erosion,dust and mangetism,minimizes maintenance.

                Within 15 minutes to replace new CPU(2kg),any problems of machine can be solved.

                High speed water cooled induction sealing machine for filling line SR-6000B


                1、with the unique tunnel design, this kind induction sensor can increase the sealing speed.

                2、According to client demand, The induction sensor can be design to turn, in order to for difference bottle size. very small cap bottle and large cap bottle can be sealing by one machine, saving the cost.

                5、Sealing fast and efficient. The induction heating foil seals tightly without being affected by moisture, grease or powder contamination on sealing area.  

                6、Full modular component design, can be against moisture, erosion, dust and magnetism, minimizes maintenance requirements and increase the rease.

                12、The induction sensor and generator of same machine model can be change. Our machine has get the CE authentication

                Optional parts.

                *PLC touch screen with seal counting fuction, Optical-electro sensor detect, pause during bottle missing or jam, auto operating after re-set .

                * the conveyor and missed foil cap rejector

                Suitable for sealing of plastic bottles and glass bottles, such as pesticide, medicine, food, cosmetics, grease, etc.

                Model: SR-6000B

                Bottle diameter: 10mm-120mm

                Sealing speed: 400 bottles per minute

                Applicable bottle height: 0-490mm

                Power: 4000W

                Power: 50/60Hz, 220V

                Induction head size: 680mm*260mm*270mm

                Body material: SUS304 stainless steel

                Machine weight: 115Kg

                Packing size: 1400mm*750mm*700mm



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