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                English簡體中文Customer Service : 0086 773 5870889

                Portable induction aluminum foil sealing machine SR-800

                Hand held electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine SR-800

                1、Portable hand-held,simple operation.it's specially designed for small quantity production.

                2、with Auto-sensing foil device,  no foil no working

                3、Automatic sensing sealing, don't need press sealing buttom,improved sealing speed.

                4、The induction generator has adopt the latest imported transistor, CPU module control and protect function.

                5、All functions on the panel are marked clearly,simple operation.

                6、The induction sensor with 180℃ copper coil ands 220V fan, it can sealing quickly and perfectly.

                7、Full Air-cooling systems, efficient high-speed, it can continual work for whole day

                8、With stainless steel body, meet the GMP demand.

                9、CE authentication

                For pesticide, tablet & capsule, foods, cosmetic, lubricant &oil packaging etc. Plastic bottle and glass bottle sealing. 

                Model: SR-800

                Bottle diameter: 35mm-130mm

                Sealing speed: 30 bottles per minute

                Power: 1200W

                Applicable power: 50/60Hz, 220V

                Machine size: 380mm 560mm* * 180mm

                Body material: alloy steel

                Machine weight: 6KG

                Packing weight: 9.5KG

                Packing size: 340mm * *260mm 630mm

                After sales commitment: the whole machine three bags free warranty for twelve months warranty


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